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#the50: 1-25

for those of you just joining me, i am an aspiring photographer.

don't get me wrong, it is definitely more of a hobby than a profession for me at this point, but i'm doing whatever i can to improve my craft and hope to one day be able to pay my bills and brighten lives with my work.

with that said, making a 'job' out of something creative is just as hard as getting a biophysics degree or becoming the ceo of a company - just because it's creative does not mean it's easy!

i thought that these were some really great things to remember when trying to break into a creative industry:

1. you are not the first
2. there's always someone better - don't waste time worrying about this!
3. success is not a finite resource - another person's success doesn't inhibit yours
4. you cannot score without a goal
5. starting anything requires energy
6. the path to work is easier than you think; you need 3 things: great work, energy, & a nice personality
7. have a positive self-image
8. create a clean and simple website
9. curate your work - never stop editing your portfolio
10. listen to your instincts
11. make your work easy to see
12. hand-write addresses - the power of the personal touch
13. time is precious: get to the point
14. never take an unpaid internship
15. do as many internships as you can stand
16. don't waste your internship
17. make friends with a printer
18. find your local DIY store and pound shop
19. be patient
20. ask questions
21. ask for opportunities
22. seek criticism, not praise
23. make friends, not enemies
24. news travels fast
25. don't get drunk at professional events

those rock, right?!

but wait, there's more!

check back in 1 week for tips 26-50

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