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baby it's hot outside

it. is. hot.

for those of you who have been to new york in the summer, it's not pleasant. there's humidity, the city is closed in so there's hardly any breeze, and when there is, it smells like baby puke and dog poo..

for those of you who are women, you know it's that much more difficult to keep up an appearance when your face is melting off. here are some tips for looking great despite the hellish heat a la hello giggles:

blotting papers - remove the shine without slopping off your makeup.

tinted moisturizer - it's much lighter than liquid foundation and is absorbed into the skin much better. you can also use it as a kind of 'fake bake' for a sunkissed look. plus: get one with spf, you'll thank me!

waterproof - sweat is water, water and makeup are not friends. waterproof mascara and eyeliner will keep your eyes looking sleek and sultry all day.

lip stain - stains hold up much better in heat than glosses.

updo's - braids, buns, pony tails.. having your hair off of your neck will not only keep you from looking like a sweaty, sticky mess, but it will help keep you cooler.

spritz - a nice mist of water on your face can cool you down instantly. evian makes a face spray you can get from sephora, and mac has its infamous fix +. tip: keep it in the fridge so the spritz is cool.

primer - in my opinion, foundation primer is an essential step in putting your face on, regardless of the weather or season. primer will help your foundation apply smoother and more flawlessly and will also help your makeup stay on longer.

less is more - apply the least amount of makeup as possible. it will help your skin breathe more and you won't have as many touch-ups.

oil - using oil instead of lotion will give more of a golden sheen to your limbs.

spf - it's summertime, after all! make sure there's spf in your makeup as well as being sure to apply regular sunscreen. skin cancer es no bueno.

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