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what i wore

thanksgiving is always a hard day to dress for because:

a) you want to look nice & cute
b) you want to be comfortable so that you can stuff your face full of food!

here's what i went with on turkey day:

and of course, my thanksgiving manicure:

here's randy's outfit:

for turkey day, we were with our friends matt & carmella and carmella's parents. there was good food, great conversation, and exciting talk of the future!

now that it's almost december, we've started pulling out our christmas decorations slowly but surely..

i can't wait to get out our tree this weeked! : ]




happy thanksgiving!

i hope you all have many many things to be thankful for this thanksgiving. i know i do!

get your own thankful cards here!



thanksgiving eve

happy thanksgiving eve everyone!

what are you most excited for tomorrow?

i'm most looking forward to all the yummy turkey day desserts!



turkey cookies!

remember my pumpkin cookies?

welp, it's time for some turkey cookies!!

but eating the dough is the best part!!

always close by when there's baking going on..

man down :(



girl in boots

***i received an email from blowfish with a very very special deal!!

18% off EVERYTHING + free shipping!!
code: thanks18
valid until november 27!


bought another pair of boots the other day : ]

i lovelovelove the ones i bought from blowfish last month, but i can't be wearing the same pair of shoes every day, so i thought i'd expand my boot collection!

these babies are called 'fabiola.' i even found a coupon code [blowfish12] for 12% off!

and of course now that i'm looking up codes for you guys, i found 4 more for 15% off:

(i don't know if these work or not, but give 'em a try!)

shop 'til you drop, my friends!



tattoo time

got more done on my rooster tattoo <3

this session was about 4 hours. i'm going back this next tuesday and my guy said he thinks he'll be able to finish 'er up!

i don't know what it was, but i felt like i sat terribly for this session! i probably sat better than i thought, but for some reason it was much MUCH more painful than usual. i think the last hour was the worst - i seriously almost started crying! it was probably because i was tired from working all day and at that point was kind of just over it. but jr helped me hang in there and i feel like we reached a good stopping point.

seriously, if you need an awesome tattoo artist in the socal area, jr sanchez is a freaking genius!



thankful thursday

last week's thankful thursday was full of mushy stuff.. here are some silly things i'm thankful for!

6. i'm thankful for my new car! i'm also thankful that randy's a car salesman so that he can take care of all the crazy little details!

7. i am so very thankful for perez hilton for always keeping me informed on the latest celebrity gossip & scandal!

8. i'm thankful for netflix. even though they've had all that drama with raising their rates and yadda yadda, i don't know how i would get through randy's closing shifts without them (i'm by myself for 5 hours when he works late).

9. forever 21 - although it's ruined me in the sense that i feel guilty for buying a shirt that costs any more than $15.. i'm thankful that forever 21 provides me with fashionable styles at very affordable prices. i'm thankful that they ship from los angeles, which means that i usually get my orders in less than 4 days (unless they use fedex, who is slow as spit..) and that although you can't exchange for a refund in-store, there's always something i can use the store credit on!

10. blogging! what would i do with all my extra time if i couldn't write up these silly little things for you all every day?? i'm also so thankful for each and every one of you who reads it - thanks!!



only 2 weeks left..

there are only 2 weeks left to take advantage of the engagement portrait special @ baby a!

you don't wanna miss it!



20 questions jar

i saw this awesome DIY on the paper mama, and i'm totally going to make one of these 20 questions jars!

this year, randy and i are spending thanksgiving with our friends, matt & carmella and carmella's parents. we're all really comfortable around each other, so i think these would act more as getting-to-know-each-other-better questions rather than ice-breakers. but it would still be a lot of fun!


*photo from the paper mama


what's in my bag? *updated!*

i did a what's in my bag tag for ya'll back in april (which seems like forever ago!) so i thought i'd do an updated one.

here's the bag i carry currently:

and here's all the crap i cram in it:

here's what you see:
a&d ointment for tattoos
cough medicine (this isn't normally there, i just had a cough)
sunglasses i never wear because they give me nose marks
cough drops
band aids
hand lotion
body lotion
2 business card holders (work/photography)
spray hand sanitizer
pens galore!

i also have a makeup bag in my purse, and here's what's in that:

2 eyeliners
1 lipliner
hand sanitizer
4 lip glosses
2 lip balms
4 lipsticks




hopefully you all came out to the best haunted house in long beach for halloween!

there was a professional photographer who snapped some amazing photos of the whole gang in their ghoulish gear, but until i get those on a cd to share with you all, i thought i'd post this photo that my uncle took of my dad and i. enjoy!



thankful thursday

i am slowly but surely gearing up for thanksgiving..

and i wanted to share 10 things that i'm thankful for!

1. i'm very thankful that i have such a great family. my dad would do anything for me, my stepmom treats me like her own daughter, and my brother can be the sweetest kid on the planet - when he's not being a little booger! my grandparents are amazing, i have great aunts and uncles and cousins. and even though we might make fun of each other or complain about each other sometimes, at the end of the day it's all about love.

2. although he's #2 on this list, he's #1 in my heart - mr. randy joe. my beloved boyfriend of almost 4 years! i cherish all the memories of our best times together, and anticipate all the great adventures we will have for (hopefully) the rest of our lives together. i can't imagine how i got so lucky in finding an amazing boyfriend and my best friend all wrapped in one person!

3. ok, so honestly #1 in my heart is lilly! my devoted pup who i found through the power of craigslist. she's my stinkerdoodle & my princess girl and i couldn't imagine my life without her. she's brought an unimaginable amount of joy to both randy and me, and may she never stop loving to lick my feet!

4. i'm thankful that i have a roof over my head. i'm thankful that i have a comfy bed that i get to share with my wonderful boyfriend every night. i'm thankful that i am able to eat good meals every day and drive a nice car. (i really am lucky!)

5. i'm thankful for my job. i get to work with both of my parents (which isn't as terrible as one would think..) and it's how i was able to meet some of my closest friends. plus it comes in handy when i have to put together a baby shower gift!

come back next thursday for 6-10!



yeahhhhhh buddy!

what my evening is going to look like <3

i got rescheduled : (

but next tuesday - it's on!!!



haute dogs

ore' originals donated some of our product to the biggest pet halloween parade in long beach - the haute dog howl'oween parade! seriously, visit their site - there are tons of to-die-for-cute pictures!



girl's night in!

last month i had the honor of being included in an event called "girl's night in" at spa papaleo in san pedro, california.

my good friend, carmella, does eyebrow waxes and facials and is a complete rock star at both! her mom and dad work there doing reiki and hair, so it's a warm, welcoming, and hip family atmosphere!

at girl's night in, there were hair & makeup consultations, carmella waxed her ass off, and i did some photography consultations for a couple of girls who are getting married at the san pedro doubletree hotel, which is right next to the salon.

make sure to check out spa papaleo!