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funny ha ha

i don't mind a guy in skinny jeans, but i just thought this was funny :]

a little something to brighten up your tuesday!


wedding wednesday

randy is not that much taller than me (i'm talking like 2 inches at the most..) so i get to be comfy and wear flats down the aisle!

here are some wedding-day-worthy shoes:

i love the bow on these flats - it gives the shoe a very whimsical and sweet character on your big day. and the fact that they're prada doesn't hurt!

i think wedding shoes should be fun, and i looove the sparkle on this pair from nordstrom!

how can anyone resist the bling on the front of these flats?!

if you're having a green wedding, but the look of traditional TOMS doesn't suit your style, you can try their flats! this shoe in rose would be super flattering underneath a white or ivory dress.

studs are very 'on trend' right now, so why not incorporate them tastefully into your wedding?

there's also the option of coordinating your shoes with your wedding's accent color. this punchy orange would be great for a Fall-themed wedding!

in case you are curious, yes - i have already purchased my wedding shoes! but obviously i can't show you just yet! but i will tell you, i did not end up splurging on wedding shoes like i initially thought i would. i think i spent about $20 for mine, and i do plan on wearing them casually after the wedding. i figure i would much rather put that kind of money toward having awesome food or a great DJ, instead of just wearing it on my feet. but that's just me..

*i was not asked by any company/companies mentioned above to include their product(s).


lately in photos

hi readers! i'm in chicago right now! (and it's waaaay too hot here!)

lately, via photos:

one of our fish was SUPER pregnant. she literally looked like a swimming good year blimp!

we have these terrible high windows that are a very awkward shape so we can't put curtains over them. this makes a sleeping mask essential for sleeping in on the weekends!

lilly being a lazy lady <3

noah is "milk wasted"

after reading the hunger games, i bought the next 2 books plus the perks of being a wallflower. i'm nearly finished with catching fire, then on to mockingjay..

randy holding noah for the first time. he wasn't half bad at it, either!

just another item on my very long list of reasons why i'm marrying randy joe <3


new stuff @ work + free shipping!

we have some really cute new products @ work:

how cute is this shopper bag? it's reversible, so the other side is the bright pink. 4 styles available.


these are brand new backpacks we came out with called Zippee Back Packs. 7 styles available.

a cute hanging chalk board! i would have loved one of these when i was living in the dorms.

this is technically a pet treat container, but i want to figure out how to use this in my kitchen. too bad i don't have tea bags or sugar packets or something around.

if you do get something from ore, use code BTS12 @ checkout for free shipping [expires 7/31]


wedding wednesday

i decided i am going to do a trash the dress shoot after the wedding!!!

and most of you probably that i'm crazy, but that's alright with me :)

let me tell you a little story: i won my wedding dress.

i've actually been meaning to write up a post about my experience winning my dress and the company the dress came from, so keep your eye out for that. but anywho, my dress was free (except for the $32 i paid in tax, but essentially, right?) and when wedding planning you see all these things about dress preservation. now, i got to pick my dress so i do love it, but i'm not sentimental enough to keep an over sized box with a dress that was air-sealed and practically freeze-dried for the rest of my life.

to me, photographs are the way i keep memories; the photographer was pretty much #1 on our priority list. so i will have plenty of beautiful pictures of my dress. and, as i've decided, some awesome fun ones of me destroying it!

randy will most likely do the shoot with me. since he has to wear dress pants and nice shirts for work, he can just wear some kind of work clothing he's had for a while and wanted to get rid of anyway. i was thinking a food fight would be SUPER fun. can you imagine how cute it will be to have our wedding date written on my dress in chocolate syrup? or a pile of spaghetti on top of my head?!





*ps: yesterday was the 8 month mark!


carmella's baby shower!

i know carmella already had noah about 2 weeks ago, but i wanted to share pictures of her baby shower with you all.

we held the shower on may 20. it was co-ed, and we had about 90 people that RSVP'd! luckily it wasn't quite as crazy as i thought it was going to be. the event was full of love and happy anticipation of noah's arrival.


mama-to-be and grandma-to-be

randy was such a great help the whole day!

we played this hilarious game where the guys competed to see who could diaper and dress a babydoll the fastest.. while blindfolded!

i love how happy they look!


happy 4th!

happy independence day to you!

i hope you have the priviledge of having the day off of work like me ;)