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a-z me

how could i pass this up??

*taken from hellovanny, who took it from heather. danielle did one, too!

A. Age: 22
B. Bed size: cal-king
C. Chore that you hate: taking out the trash & dusting
D. Dogs: lilly mae joe
E. Essential start to your day: on the weekends - loaded breakfast burrito from carl's jr
F. Favorite color: pink
G. Gold or Silver: silver
H. Height: i always say 5'5'' & a half, i guess i should check into that
I. Instruments you play: dvr
J. Job title: master accounts coordinator
K. Kids: see letter d
L. Live: long beach, ca
M. Mother’s name: tammy
N. Nicknames: a, cray cray, baby a
O. Overnight hospital stays: none, but i did go to the emergency room for a sprained ankle once
P. Pet peeves: when people are being annoying. when randy takes forever to do what i ask him. bugs that won't leave me alone. when people are too slow.
Q. Quote from a movie: one that i use in my everyday life is "totes magotes" - i love you man
R. Right or left handed: left-handed
S. Siblings: 1 half-brother
T. Time you wake up: for work hopefully before 7 am; on the weekends anywhere from 8 to 2
U. Underwear: thongs always. haha tmi?
V. Vegetable you hate: raw spinach
W. What makes you run late: wanting to sleep in & just generally not being able to get it together
X. X-Rays you’ve had: teeth
Y. Yummy food that you make: i can make a really awesome zucchini bread, but i haven't made it in a while
Z. Zoo animal: cheeeeetah


preposterous packaging

have you noticed that perfume bottles are getting really obnoxious looking??

sure they can be pretty, but my yearly christmas tree has less decoration than a 1.7 oz perfume bottle these days..

*all images from
**i have not tried any of the perfumes above, so don't ask me how they smell



i ordered the cutest business cards the other day!!

jess of irocksowhat posted about her new mini cards
and since i created a new email for baby a photography, i thought updated cards were in order!

the backs of my cards will be a variety of floral prints

this place has some of the custest designs!

go to to get yours!


carmella's big day on baby a

i've finally gotten around to posting some more pictures from matt & carmella's wedding over at baby a!

i was so flattered and thrilled when carmella asked me to take some pictures of her getting ready for the biggest day of her life. click over to baby a to see the first installment!


on having tattoos

last week, danielle from sometimes sweet wrote a very insightful article on hello giggles about what it's like to be a heavily tattooed mother.

although i'm not a mother *yet*, i do have some visible tattoos. i love my tattoos, and i am definitely not done getting them, much to the horror of my parents. i've been lucky thus far in the sense that my tattoos have not inhibited me from any opportunities or successes in my life and i have not encountered any scary strangers or their negative perceptions of my tattoos. however, getting tattoos is like becoming a celebrity, in my opinion. you know how celebrities always complain about the paparazzi and how they have no privacy..? if you get tattoos, especially large or visible ones, you need to be prepared for others to express their opinions about them, whether good or bad.

speaking of tattoos, i have a new piece in mind that i'm hoping to get started @ the end of the month, so stay tuned! <3


why i love awards shows..

fashion fashion fashion!

of course i had to beg randy to flip between the emmy's and some random football game, but i got to catch some pretty good moments from the awards show.

let me just say.. the lonely island and michael bolton? amazing.


i want i want!

well, first i'd need an iphone 4 (i'm still with a 3gs for about another year), but...

i want this:

it's an iphone case that you can cross-stitch on to create your own case!

it comes with a book of suggested patterns, but you could really put anything on it. i think it's so awesome!!

seen on hanasaurusrex.


vegas recap

i got back from vegas on thursday, and wanted to share some fun photos with you guys!

i was there for an industry trade show - here's what our booth looked like:

a little smaller than the new york booths.. haha!

since it was a pet industry show, there were some interesting things to see..

v and i strolled the strip after the show..

v and i each got one of those really big drinks you see all over the strip! i had never had one before, so i was very excited!

some boobies @ the monte carlo..