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trade show 101

so last month, i was in new york for a couple of weeks to work at the New York International Gift Fair.

to be quick, this trade show is for wholesalers to display their products for buyers who work at retail stores and decide what product to bring into their stores. it's kind of like working at a regular retail store - you greet people, help them write orders, answer any questions they have..

hopefully most of you are familiar with the company i work for, but at ore' we have 3 lines - SugarBooger for children, Ore' Pet, and Living Goods.

we display our stuff in two sections of the trade show. there is a special section that is only for baby & children items, so we have one booth there. in this booth, we only display SugarBooger - this is my favorite booth to work and it's where i was during most of the show.

our second booth is upstairs in a section called 'general gift.' in this booth, we have items from all 3 of our lines.

my stepmom, owner of ore', and my little brother

although they are long days and can be very exhausting, working at the trade show can be fun. it's a nice break from sitting in the office, and it is kind of nice to deal with people face-to-face - if they're nice people that is. the most exciting part about these shows is all the new customers that find us! it's awesome to see their face light up as they say, "your stuff is so cute!"

after the trade show is over and we all fly back home and get back to the office, it's my job to start processing all of the orders we wrote. this can be more work than actually being at the trade show!

but don't feel left out - you can see all our products on our website!

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