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on having tattoos

last week, danielle from sometimes sweet wrote a very insightful article on hello giggles about what it's like to be a heavily tattooed mother.

although i'm not a mother *yet*, i do have some visible tattoos. i love my tattoos, and i am definitely not done getting them, much to the horror of my parents. i've been lucky thus far in the sense that my tattoos have not inhibited me from any opportunities or successes in my life and i have not encountered any scary strangers or their negative perceptions of my tattoos. however, getting tattoos is like becoming a celebrity, in my opinion. you know how celebrities always complain about the paparazzi and how they have no privacy..? if you get tattoos, especially large or visible ones, you need to be prepared for others to express their opinions about them, whether good or bad.

speaking of tattoos, i have a new piece in mind that i'm hoping to get started @ the end of the month, so stay tuned! <3

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