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5 ways to reconnect with your lover

between all of my recent business trips, working 40 hours a week when i'm actually home, and randy's grueling 60-hour weeks, sometimes he and i feel like ships passing in the night. randy is unfortunately a snoring ship.

it is important that randy and i make time to spend with each other, otherwise i start feeling like i'm in a relationship with our dog instead of him. sex, love & liberation shares 5 great tips for reconnecting with your significant other..

1. turn off the tv..
while randy and i do spend lots of time cuddling in bed watching friends episodes, sometimes it's nice to turn everything off and just talk. we learn invaluable things about each other this way!

2. take a shower together..
this is obviously a much more sensual way to reconnect with each other.

3. give each other massages..
while the benefit of this is obvious (who doesn't like getting a massage??), this is also a great way to show your partner that you will take care of them. sometimes when i can't fall asleep, randy rubs my back and after a while i'm passed out. not only does it feel awesome for me, it makes me so happy to know that he's willing to do anything to make me comfortable.

4. talk..
conversation and communication are vital for a successful relationship. dig deeper than "how was your day?" randy and i discuss all kinds of things with each other including some things that would make me feel like an idiot if i said them to another person. it's all about verbal openness.

5. go out to dinner..
randy and i eat out a lot, but actually going to a restaurant for dinner is special for us. the article suggests feeding each other, but we're not really that couple. we have some of our best conversations over dinner!

what are some things you do to spend time with each other?

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