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tattoo progress

on friday i had another appointment with my rock star tattoo artist to work on the flowers of my rooster/poppy tattoo!

so let me tell you really quickly about how absolutely crazy i am.. i wanted him to finish both flowers as well as color in the leaves on friday. he got pretty damn close, but man, i totally did not anticipate how crazy those flowers were going to be! he tattooed me from 7pm until 12:30am and he still needs to finish the larger poppy in the back. but that's definitely not to say he didn't get a butt load done!

i mean look how crazy-intricate that is! and there wasn't even color at this point!

here's the back flower that will be finished at my next session. it still looks pretty awesome with that veining though!

and now for the money shot..

excuse my language, but how fucking beautiful is that flower? like, is that not ridiculous??

this one was taken with my cheapy camera, but here's what my tattoo now looks like overall.

jr (my artist) is just fabulous, that's all there is to it!

for those of you wondering, jr is located in san gabriel, ca; his email is and he's super nice and sweet and insanely talented. you'll be a very lucky lady or fella to have a piece of his art on you ; )



pamn said...

it's looking amazing!!

alaina said...

thank you so much :)