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louisville, kentucky

 so my trip to louisville, kentucky was.. interesting?

the reason i was there was for yet another trade show (our last one of the year, thank god..)

the abc kids expo is the largest children's industry show around. it used to be held in vegas, but for some awkward reason, they decided to relocate to kentucky this year, and it will probably kill the whole show.

the sugarbooger by ore' booth

anyway, kentucky is famous for three things: the kentucky derby, bourbon, and KFC.

they also have some interesting cuisine in kentucky, since it's a 'southern' state. one day at the show i got a pulled pork sandwich from one of the lunch trucks, and it was actually really delicious! i'm not usually one for pork, but when in rome, right?

but then there was just some freaky stuff. we went to this barbeque restaurant called doc crow's, and since i typically am not a bbq person, i thought the crab sandwich would be a good pick. little did i know..

i hope you see that. yes, it's a whole fried crab. on a bun. i'm one of those freaky people who can't eat things when they look alive. it was pretty difficult to get through that meal..

there was one free afternoon to explore downtown louisville. the downtown area is cute.. but it's literally the only place that has anything going for it. there are a lot of restaurants and bars, and some cute shops, and a lot of museums.

the ohio river

so you can get an idea of how bizarre the entire trip was: one day after the show was over, they had this reception for the exhibitors and buyers where there was food and then a concert afterward. and the entertainment?

you probably can't tell just from the photo, but that's kc & the sunshine band. like:

just.. kind of weird. a little fun, but mostly weird.

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