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blowfish shoes deal madness!

the other day, something magical happened..

i saved $20 on a pair of boots!

(and you can too!)

blowfish shoes has 'daily deals' that they offer on select pairs of shoes, and they're extending all of this week's deals until tomorrow!

shop now shop now!

the 'jackie' was my boot of choice. this fabulous pair of shoes is on sale for $75 (from $89!).

beautiful, isn't she?

as if that isn't enough of a deal already, i used code bfsweet15 @ checkout and got an extra 15% off!

the cherry on top was the free shipping..

i mean seriously, have you ever seen anything so beautiful?

and if you take advantage of one of these crazy amazing deals, you'll be making your wallet and your heart happy because blowfish is donating a portion of every sale made in october to the beautiful day foundation for breast cancer research!


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