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shiz i bought

so i leave for the city tomorrow! aka new york city.

i had to go out and get a bunch of stuff for the trip, and because i'm not super organized and don't really make lists, this had to happen in 2 different trips to target (and only one to best buy & forever 21).

here's what i picked up:

foundation primer - i used to use prep + prime from mac, and then i found a drugstore primer from physician's pharmacy that i really liked, but it has that thing where you twist the top and the product comes out from inside this stupid brush thing, so i wanted to find one with better packaging. i found this at target, and so far i really like it. it makes the skin really smooth and allows a silky application of foundation. it was something like $10.

this is a repurchase, as i am almost out of the one i already own and i wanted to take a fresh one to new york. but i really like this cover girl foundation. it's a cream foundation and applies really nice with a good amount of coverage. plus it's got anti-aging properties, and you can never go wrong with that. this was from target and cost around $12. ps don't let the picture fool you, this is the lightest shade they offer, because i'm super white.

i needed a new eyelash curler because the one i was using pulled my eyelashes out, which was not fun.. from target, about $3.

new mascara, because i can :) i think this was $6 maybe..? from target.

the dog i found on craigslist a couple of years ago, and she is priceless.

i am so happy i finally found one of these things! usually when i pack my toiletries, i need like 2 or 3 different little bags, and it takes up a lot of suitcase and counter top space. this thing rocks because it folds up, and then you unfold it and hang it up, and everything is just bam - right there! i found this at target where they have all their makeup bags, by the cosmetics. this was the only one they had, so luckily the pattern wasn't terrible. this set me back $16 buckaroos.

a dress to wear one day at the trade show (i'm going to new york for business). it's really cute and summery and the length is awesome! i was having a conversation with carey a few weeks ago about how it sucks that dresses nowadays are usually either maxi dresses (so ankle-length) or hoochie short. this is just above the knee, so it's perfections. i think it was $20 from target.

i bought some new traveling pants. i hate flying in jeans, so i'm usually always in sweats when i'm on planes. when i went to oregon a few months ago, i wore some snowflake pants i had, and it was a little embarrassing, so i opted for a more neutral pattern. target, $15. 

target has the best wife-beater-y layering tanks. i get xl's because the length is better than with a large, which is what i would get if i needed something true-to-size. this was on sale for $5 from target, normally they're $8.

perhaps one of the best purchases of the past few days - this is from forever 21! and it was something like $4.80. it's one of those travel bottle sets, and comes with like 7 or 8 little containers. the ones you get from rite aid or cvs usually just have 4 or 5 and the quality usually sucks. in this set, i literally hurt my fingers trying to get some of them open, so i think they'll be able to withstand pressure changes. and it comes with a handy pack of labels so you don't use your eye cream as shampoo.

this was just for fun, but i will probably end up bringing this with me. it was $1.50 from forever 21, and obviously goes along with my obsession with all things photography.

i blame this purchase on carey. we were at forever 21 cracking up over their heinous collection of accessories. they carry everything from a necklace that's a ballerina with a bunny face to rings that are watches.. it's craziness. we each bought this fishy ring, mine is gold and hers is silver. we've also decided to name them - mine is bernard and hers is gerard. they're fishy cousins.

awesome awesome awesome. i'm bringing my nikon with me, because why wouldn't i? anyway, the purse i have no isn't big enough for me to carry my camera in, so randy suggested i get a backpack for my camera, and i'm really glad he's so smart. i got this from bestbuy for $75, but it's seriously one of the smartest purchases i've made. one of my biggest concerns was security, because i'm sure this is a shock but it's really easy to get your stuff stolen in new york. with this, there are straps and buckles and zippers and you finally have to wish your camera out of it, so that made me really happy. plus it's big enough to hold the other crap i usually keep in my purse, so i only have to take out one bag. the backpack part does take me back to high school a little bit, but i think i'm really going to like it. i'll let you all know how it performs.

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