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mtv vma's 2011 thoughts

i hope you all watched the 2011 mtv vma's on sunday! here are some of my thoughts:


victoria justice

katy perry

nicki minaj, sorry to say :(
deena from the jersey shore
justin bieber - just terrible. and the snake??

britney - would have been fabulous with different shoes
selena gomez - not a fan of the demi-maxi skirt

lady gaga's opening performance

as a former lady gaga fan, i had grown veryvery bored of her lately. it's the same old thing - the wow factor and the shock value. it's like gaga - just be a good performer and stop covering your talent with dresses made of raw meat.
but tonight, i loved her performance! the monologue at the beginning was so original and i love how she stepped outside of herself and into the 'joe' character. i was also relieved that she didn't try and do some crazy wardrobe change before the performance.

beyonce's performance

i have to admit i fast-forwarded my tivo during her performance. i don't mind beyonce, but i wanted to get past her to see more action. luckily, i pressed play right before the end of her singing and just in time to catch the cuteness of her showing off her new baby bump. didn't you die over jay-z's reaction? such a precious moment!

britney tribute
there was a britney tribute? i saw all the little girls dancing to her greatest hits, but i think i missed the star-studded tribute to one of the biggest pop stars of all time..

amy winehouse tribute
i wished russell brand would have been more focused and organized, because he was kind of babble-y; but you could see his sincerity and his honesty. the footage of amy recording with tony bennet was very sweet, and the bruno mars performance was a nice celebration, i thought.

awkward moments
when i realized the dancers in the britney tribute were all little girls
when britney's achievement award acceptance speech turned into beyonce's performance intro
when i realized i have no idea who tyler the creator is
cloris leachman with the jersey shore girls
how i didn't even know the show was over for like 10 minutes

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