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august & 30 day photography challenge

let me just take a minute to say that i can't believe it's august already! my oh my how 2011 has flown by!
only 5 more months until we're in 2012!

the summer months are always crazy for me in terms of work. our summer trade shows have been running since the very end of june, with 3 that just happened in july, 4 in august, and another 3 in september. i only travel to 3 of them, but regardless there's always some amount of chaos, whether you're actually at the show or back at the office. but the best part is that it's good chaos.

this month i will be in new york for 10 days. since the first time i've gone, i always mentally approach this trip with about 50% excitement and 50% dread. yes it's new york and to some extent it's fun and getting out of long beach is nice, but it's still a business trip. my days either consist of 9-hour work days at the convention center or wandering around humid & sweaty new york trying to entertain my brother. if nothing else though, i always end up learning something new on these trips, whether it's about how to conduct business in more efficient ways, sharpening my people skills, or learning something about my self - so they're very much worth it.

besides my trip, something else exciting is happening in august in terms of baby a. i am going to be embarking on a 30 days photography challenge! each day i will be showcasing a different photo based on the chart below over on the baby a photography blog.

the first photo went up this morning, so make sure to check it out! i will also be linking the posts on this blog periodically so you can keep up if you wish.

i hope you all have a fabulous monday & i can't wait to see where this month takes us!

until next time..
<3 alaina

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