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where did saturday go?

oh my goodness!

i forgot to post something yesterday... : /

please forgive me, dear readers! i had such a crazy day yesterday! i actually did sit down to whip up a post real quick, but i decided to clean the apartment instead.

yesterday morning i took my first zumba class! carey and i went bright and early at 9 am, and i swear, i got my butt kicked into next tuesday! i'll admit it was fun, but the constant moving was not as fun as i thought it would be; although i know constant movement is the point. we might try and take it once a week, but the torture of it needs to fade a little in my mind first before i commit to anything.

the rest of my day was really productive. i cleaned the apartment, went to lunch with some friends, visited with my parents.

also, i know i've mentioned many many times that i'm really into photography (i'm sure most of your are familiar with the baby a photography blog). i am taking some engagement photos today, and then i have a couple of other opportunities before the end of the month, and i am super jazzed about it! i have gotten, and hopefully will get, a lot of great opportunities to do what i love. so, to commemorate my dedication to photography and also my love for it, this happened yesterday:

it's so gorgeous and simple and perfect! i can't wait for people to ask me about it, and i'll be able to tell them that photography is one of the great loves in my life.. besides lilly, of course ; P

anyway, off to start my day. enjoy your sunday, everyone!

until next time..
<3 alaina

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