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dear garage door opener,

i would appreciate if you could make up your mind about needing new batteries. you know i would happily replace yours should they die. but it is confusing how sometimes you open my garage so effortlessly, but then other times i have to hit you against my steering wheel to get you to work. i realize that electronics can be unreliable at best, but regardless if you decide you need new batteries or not, i promise to love you just the same.

if there are people around when i get home, i become self-conscious when i press your button and the garage does not open - i feel like they'll think i don't really live there or that they will get some sick satisfaction from my struggle. i don't know if there's a miscommunication happening between you and the actual garage door or if old age is to blame, but let me know and i will help you, i promise! to be truthful, i might make randy help you because he is far better at these kinds of matters than i am, but regardless, i won't stop until you get the attention you need.

don't be afraid to speak up! it will make things better for everyone.

until next time..
<3 alaina

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