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nail polish faves

remember how i used to be a makeup whore?

after i burned myself out on makeup, i became a nail polish whore.

i used to be a nail biter. one day something just clicked, and i started painting my nails. obviously i wouldn't bite them because i didn't want to ruin my manicure. so now, i paint so i won't bite. and because of this, i obviously need a fabulous selection so i won't get bored!

here are some of my ultimate favorite nail polishes!

my ultimate favorite red is revlon red by, you guessed it, revlon!
for my skin tone at least, it is the perfect look-at-me red. it's not tomato red or a
blue-based red. it's just perfection. makes me feel like a classy lady!
you can find it at your local drugstore or at

when i'm feeling red but want to get a little fun with it,
i reach for ruby pumps by china glaze.
this is one of the line's best-selling polishes and i get compliments every
time i put it on.
get it here!

my favorite dark, vampy color is sole mate by essie.
it's nice and dark, but you can tell it's definitely not black.
it's the perfect dark-berry color with a tiny hint of brown in it.
get yours here or it can also be found at target!

dark teals like gossip column from color club are so in right now!
this color commands attention but it's not obnoxious like a bright blue can be.
it adds a touch of fun and sophistication to any look.
get yours here!

ballet slippers by essie is the perfect babydoll pink.
if you work in a formal business environment or have a fancy event to go to,
ballet slippers give a touch of girly color to your nails without calling too much
attention to itself.
get yours here!

next up is peach daiquiri by essie. such a gorgeous color!
the perfect bright pink for summer!
this color is fun and flirty and sure to stand out!
get yours here

a fabulous place to buy nail polish and manicure tools is head2toe beauty. it's a discount e-tailer that sells brands like china glaze, essie, color club, orly, etc. at discounted prices (even though essie is still up-the-butt expensive!). along with their nail polish, tools like cuticle scissors and cuticle pushers are really resonably priced. psst: they also usually have a 5% off coupon code for 5% off through july (JUL05).

until next time..
<3 alaina

*please note: none of the nail polish swatches are my own. because they were google-searched, i could not obtain their exact origins, but i am in no way trying to imply i did these swatches on my own nails!

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