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dear water bottle,

i was so excited when i found you at target. you were a great deal, have a squeeze-top (so i don't pour water all over myself on the treadmill.. it's happened), and a built-in filter so i no longer have to rely on finding a purified water source with which to fill you. however, i do not appreciate the whoosh-ing noise your filter makes after i have taken a drink. it is loud, obnoxious, and some people think the noise is coming from me, which is most embarrassing.

while you have caused me to become conscious of actually drinking water throughout the day, which i am greatly thankful for, this noise has become somewhat of a deterrent for me and sometimes in quiet, public places, i refuse to drink from you purely because of this reason. i get so many compliments on your sleek design and functionality, but i cannot without any reservations say to people, 'this is the best water bottle i've ever used - you should get yourself one!' i want nothing else than to wholeheartedly stand behind you, because i believe we've become pretty close in the past month or so since i rescued you from all that khaki and red, but i just wouldn't feel good about it.

we all have things we need to work on, and i guess for you that means striving to become a more elusive bottle. but don't worry - i'll be here for you every step of the way. because that's what friends are for.

until next time..
<3 alaina

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