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vote for me!

well, kind of!

i have mentioned details of my work life briefly - check out this post to get a coupon for our website - but i haven't really gone into detail about what i do.

i work for a company called ore' originals. my stepmother started the company in 1988 from her garage where she sold recycled bulletin boards. today, we have 3 brands - one for kids/babies, a home goods brand, and a line of pet products.

i work in customer service. i enter & manage orders, assist customers & sales reps, and dabble in some marketing and copywriting projects here and there. to be completely honest, i really do love my job. i get to work with my parents, which isn't nearly as bad as it would probably seem, i get to have a lot of responsibility, and i definitely hope to have a long and prosperous career here.

anyway, there is this event called the Cribsie Awards that recognizes different companies in the baby & child industry for their excellence.
this year, ore' is nominated for a cribsie! our baby brand, SugarBooger, is nominated for "Coolest Feeding Sets for Picky Palettes." this is a HUGE deal for us, so i am asking for your help!

please click this link to vote for us!
we are in the mealtime category under "Coolest Feeding Sets for Picky Palettes" (even though they misspelled 'palettes' on their website - oops!). not to be partial, but i feel our products are well-deserving of this award and we work hard to offer cool and unique products for babies, kids, and their parents!

but please do hurry, voting ends Friday, March 18, so there are only about 6 days left.

PS-if you vote for us, leave a comment on this post with your email address and there might be a secret coupon code i can send you... (US only, sorry!)

until next time..
<3 alaina

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