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recap: randy's birthday

as most of you probably saw, friday was dedicated to celebrating randy's 26th birthday! here's what we did to celebrate:

randy and i had the day off of work, so we slept in until about 10 am. so nice to not wake up until after the sun was up!

i picked up some yummy breakfast and served it to the birthday boy in bed. we ate lazily, sipping on orange juice and watching lilly's sad little furry face hoping something would fall from our forks.

we showered, got ready, and went to the movies! we saw paul, that new alien movie with seth rogan and kristin wiig. i really liked it! i thought it was funny. it's rated r so you know most of the jokes are going to be good. i can't remember the last time we were at the movies smack in the middle of the afternoon on a weekday. the best part was that the theater was fairly empty.

we ran a couple of quick errands then went home to get ready for the best part of the evening:

for the longest time, randy has been talking about eating at this restaurant called morton's steak house. every time we pass one, he makes a remark about it. about a month and a half ago, i thought it would be so wonderful to take him there for his birthday. i made a reservation, told him to suit up (it's a classy joint!), and took him to probably the nicest dinner we've eaten in our lives! the food was fantastic! randy got a prime rib, a cut they only serve on fridays and saturdays. when he told the waiter what he wanted, the waiter had to run over to the chef to reserve the piece of meat because there were only 12 available for the entire restaurant! they showed us this one cut of meat that is so rare that only 2 come from 1 cow! the experience was so top of the line that i was giddy the whole time. randy and i were trying to sneak camera phone pics of the food and the restaurant. it was such a great night.

they even personalized our menus!
besides the couple-hundred-dollar dinner, i got randy a traditional present. it was so hard to figure out what to get him because randy really never talks about anything he wants (that i can afford anyway). then i had an idea - a new watch! randy has a silver nixon watch that he's had for about 2 years and has seriously worn it every day. this is the one i got him:

it is such a pretty watch! took him a while to get used to, but i think he really likes it.

after dinner and getting waking up a little bit from our food coma (dinner was beyond delicious), we got cozy in our jammies and watch american idol from thursday night. because randy's getting old now (totally kidding!!), he didn't want to go out to the bars tonight. we were out for st. patty's and that night bleeds into his birthday since it's the day before, so after midnight i say that everyone's out celebrating randy's birthday.

i had the greatest day trying to make randy feel like the most special man in the world! fun fact: randy's older brother also had his birthday on friday! randy was born exactly 3 years after his older bro, russell. so weird!

until next time..
<3 alaina

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