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40 day who what now?

DISCLAIMER: i am a complete idiot. "what is this 40 day giving up stuff about???" ummmm LENT!!!!! i guess we can't all be rocket scientists. i guess this can by my humbling moment for the day.

so allll over my facebook today i've been seeing people post about these 40-day-pledge things.

apparently you're supposed to give something up for 40 days. so far it's been all about bad foods - junk food, french fries, fast food, yadda, yadda.

i don't know if i necessarily agree with the giving up aspect, because life should be about doing what you want, not limiting yourself. obviously eating healthier is a great thing to do, but something about "i am forbidding myself of this certain thing for 40 days" kind of rubs me the wrong way. too much 'negativity.'

anyways, as i was thinking of something i could go without for a month and some change, and i decided to make it about making an effort to DO something for the next 40 days.

for the next 40 days, the only beverage i will consume is water. at the beginning of 2011, i was really good about drinking only water (as it was one of my resolutions), but you know how that goes.. for the next 40 days i pledge to drink only water and to dry and drink more of it throughout my day. hopefully it will stick beyond that!

i know to some people this might seem like a brain-less thing to do for 40 days, but believe me, resisting a sip of randy's soda is going to take some will power!

also: (i came up with a 2nd part of my pledge like a minute ago)

i'm not going to make any frivilous purchases for the next 40 days. that means no clothes, no makeup, no random time-wasting rite aid trips.. i will only spend money on things that are pretty much essentials - food and if i run out of something and need to replenish it. *i know this kind of goes against my rant earlier of not limiting yourself of anything, but in this day and age, saving money is never a bad thing* let's see how this one goes..

until next time..
<3 alaina

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