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spitfire girl (& promo info!)

i was reading sometimes sweet, one of the blogs that i follow (check her out, she's amazing!) and she posted about these wonderful dolls she got for her son:

they can be found here at this very cool website, spitfire girl!

i shopped around and they have some really fabulous items! links will be underneath each image.

they have tons of different styles of these hand hooks, and i'm in love! they're so unique and fun!

i covet these rings! i've seen them at a couple places, and i long for the day that i don't have to feel guilty for paying $230 for something like this..

looks like i've found a new website come christmas shopping time!!

we are having a promotion at the company i work for - all our sale items are an extra 50% through the end of march!

click HERE to check it out!

until next time..
<3 alaina

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