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borrowed: daybook

a couple of weeks ago i stumbled upon a beautiful journey. this girl is just too cute for words!

she does this thing called "a little weekly daybook" where she writes little phrases about her day. thought i'd give it a try -

outside my window
if i stand up, i can see the business across the street
outside of the glass front of our building.

i am thinking
hopping back into bed would be nice.

i am thankful for
everything! great friends, great family, great job, great life.

what i am learning
in school? stuff about british literature and trans-national literature.

i am creating
a post for my work's facebook page.
(visit us here)

i am going
home after work to watch some tivo'd trashy greatness.

i am hearing
the printer, the fax machine, people answering the phone.

i am reading

i am hoping
that this day goes by quickly.

around the house
i don't get to be at my house : (
but i know it could probably use some tidying up!

one of my favorite things
is my puppy girl <3

a few plans for the week
celebrating randy's 26th birthday on friday <3
and trying not to spill the surprise to him before that.

a picture

until next time..
<3 alaina

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