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brat pt 2

so as you can see from yesterday's post, i've been feeling kind of bratty lately.

i know it is not at all uncommon for adults to act like children, but sometimes i feel like i'm the only one who wants to plop down on the floor and do some serious pouting.

i was bored and googled "at-home attitude adjustment" to see what i could do to stop feeling so crappy. surprisingly, i found this article on eHow that actually had some good tips. here's what it suggests:

1. the first tip has something to do with imagining yourself as a compass with negative forces trying to pull at you, but you have to remain on course. i think what they're getting at is to let things roll off your shoulders and not weigh you down. i definitely need to work on this! i can't let one bad thing ruin my day!

2. the world doesn't revolve around you. i mean, it should, but i guess it doesn't.

3. eliminate the negativity in your life. with the recent ending of a friendship, i think i have pretty much eliminated most of the external negativity in my life at the moment; now i just have to work on internal. the article has this great line: "negativity is like a contagious disease that can be spread from person to person." so basically negativity is like herpes. i am DEFINITELY going to avoid negativity now!

4. stay away from emotional leeches. kind of like number 3 in a sense. i think what we should be getting from this is to not be around lame people.

5. banish all negativity and bad thoughts. yes please. glass half full! glass half full!

6. adjust your attitude both at home AND at work. surprisingly, i feel the most positive when i am at work. i'm usually very productive, i work with people i consider friends, and my job gives me a lot of great responsibility.

7. you are what/how you think. a positive attitude will create a domino effect of positive thinking.

i thought the article was going to be some hokey thing that would make me be like "yeah, right" after i was done reading it. but all in all, i think the tips are good. here's to trying to be more positive!

until next time..
<3 alaina

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