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review: origins

hi lovelies!

i bought some new skincare items from origins about a month ago; i have been hearing some really good things about their products in the youtube beauty blogger community so i thought i would check some stuff out.

here's what i got:

Zero Oil Deep Pore Cleanser. according to the website, this cleanser will help clear pores, eliminate excess oil, and reduce shine. it's a gel cleanser, so no surprises there. i use about a dime-sized amount and find it is definitely enough to work into my entire face. lathers like any normal cleanser. something worth noting is that when you first put it on your face, it smells like gummy bears; but once you start lathering it and really working it in, the smell changes to something like a lemon ricola throat lozenge. afterward face feels normal, clean but not that gross squeaky clean, and refreshed.

Zero Oil Moisture Lotion. according to the website, this moisturizer will reduce shine, refine skin texture, and create a smooth matte finish. feels like any standard cream moisturizer. unlike the cleanser, you don't get that brief gummy bear smell, it just jumps straight into lemon ricola. i don't really feel an instant mattifying of my skin, but it definitely isn't greasy or overly-shiny after i apply it. one thing is that the bottle is VERY small (it's only 1.7 oz so i should have expected it), but you only need about maybe a dime-sized amount to cover your whole face.
Clear Improvement Charcoal Mask. according to the website, this mask will deep-clean pores, absorb environmental toxins, and dissolve impurities. the instructions suggest that you open your pores by holding a warm damp washcloth to your skin for a few minutes before you apply the mask. i don't know what i was expecting, but i was surprised to find that it has kind of a gel-like consistency. i guess since it's a charcoal mask i was expecting something very heavy and earthy-feeling. it gives kind of a cooling feeling while on your skin. you definitely won't be able to talk very easily when the mask dries because it does harden. getting it off of your face once you're done takes a little more work than a traditional face mask, but it is actually surprisingly moisturizing. my face didn't feel dried out or frigid. it felt smooth and sleek.

i've been using all three products in conjunction with each other since may 9, so it's been like 24 and a half days (keep in mind professionals say that it takes the skin 28 days to react to a new treatment or regimen, so these are just my opinions thus far). i have very oily skin so when i was checking out these products, i paid close attention to what other people had said about them on the origins website. most people said that when using the zero oil line, their oil diminished dramatically, which is something i am definitely interested in.

i don't know if it is just a coincidence, but i have noticed that my oily-ness has been much more under control lately, though my dry patches have kind of been a little bit of an issue. i find that after i apply the moisturizer initially, i will find a dry spot and then have to go back and put more moisturizer on that one area. i am very picky when it comes to moisturizer - i want to feel like it's making a difference in my skin and really getting in there and, well, moisturizing! with this, i feel like it just kind of rubs around and then disappears, so i'm not quite in love.

overall, i really really like the cleanser. the lather is wonderful and it really does feel like my face is getting very clean without over-drying or making my skin feel tight. the moisturizer, i could kind of do without to be honest. maybe i'm just distracted, since i really want to try their vitazing moisturizer because of tiffany d's review. the mask i feel like i need to spend a little more time with before i decide that i can't live without it. so far, it kind of feels like any other face mask in terms of how my skin feels after i finally get it off my face.

also, word to the wise: if you have an origins near you and want to try some of their products, i strongly suggest going into the store so you can see what the stuff smells like before you buy it. i got a sample of the modern friction exfoliator with my order, and to me it smells terrible. i don't even want to smell it again so i can aptly describe to you all what the smell is, but it just was not for me. so if you're sensitive to smells of your skincare products, definitely try before you buy!

until next time..
<3 alaina

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