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do you diet?

so it's been about 2-ish weeks since i decided i wanted to lose 12 pounds by our friend's wedding at the end of next month.

i'm going to be honest: i hate having to lose weight. granted, it's not something i have to do, it's something i want to do. but i hate the pressure it makes me put on myself. to be even more honest, i don't care how much i weigh. i'd be ok with weighing 400 pounds as long as my body looked the way i wanted it to on the outside (even though that would be terribly unhealthy, but that's beside the point). i just don't like how unsteady weight loss is for me. i don't weigh myself every single day (more like every couple of days), but i hate how i'll be down 2 pounds and then back up a pound and a half, blah blah blah. sorry, it must be negative nancy time..

with all that said, my weigh-in rocked this week, as far as i'm concerned. to stay on track with my goal, i need to lose 1.3 pounds each week to drop the remaining 7 and a half pounds.

so far with eating i've been doing fairly well. one of the best weight-loss tips i've ever heard is to change your habits gradually - it's when you deprive yourself of everything all at once that the probability for failure skyrockets. plus, habits don't happen over night, and neither does changing them. i've been trying really hard to incorporate more fruits and veggies into my diet (including this yum-o-rama carrot juice i found) and making more meals at home. i've also been paying more attention to fiber and other-good-things content in the foods i eat.

working out has been pretty steady also. i've been walking down by the beach with c&v and we're trying to make it a weekly thing. i've also been doing standard floor exercises like sit-ups, leg-lifts, yadda yadda. my new favorite thing to do to work out: dancing. don't judge me - like, club dancing.

like, i pretend i'm wearing a slutty dress with my makeup done all cute with my 5 inch hooker heels on my feet. it's actually really good at getting your heart rate up. plus it's a lot more fun than running and shiz.

here's a funny story:
alaina: so for my work out today, i danced. like, club danced.
randy: huh? what did you dance to?
a: you know, music they play at the clubs.
r: *laughs* did you get dressed up?
a: obviously not.
r: did you get drunk? we have that beer in the fridge.
a: shut up.

until next time..
<3 alaina

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