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v told me about the coolest iphone app a while ago:


you should see randy and i when we grocery shop now. we've become the 'pretentious scanner people'..

i scanned my can of low sodium v8 and here's what came up (although i don't think i necessarily agree):

it will also give you more details about the food you've scanned

when you're on the barcode option, you can shake your phone to see the details for a random food.

if you select the 'alternatives' tab, it will show you foods with better grades (at the bottom of the picture)

and the best part? it's free. i highly suggest downloading this before your next shopping trip!

 in dieting news:
it was not a good week for me : ( the main reason is because it's so hard to be creative in the kitchen and pay attention to how healthy the meal is. the other night after i got back from my weekly walk with c, i was so tired i just made pasta for dinner. terrible. i felt bad so i made a 'raw vegetable salad,' which was just cutting up all the veggies we had and putting a trace amount of balsamic on them. i know it's better than nothing, but that's how i feel, like a 'raw vegetable salad' - a for effort, d+ for creativity.

as far as working out, i have been so lackluster about it this week. c and i went for our walk on tuesday but we both slacked on pace and intensity on the last half. i've still been dancing a tiny bit (to laugh at me, click here) and going on long walks with lilly, but mainly i've been all about floor exercises - the sit-ups and leg lifts, yadda yadda. Which yeah, it's good i'm doing sit-ups and stuff, but my goal isn't necessarily to get a 6-pack. i guess i have to get over the fact that working out = gaining muscle, which = not feeling like i'm losing much weight

i unfortunately gained a pound and a half since my last weigh-in, but interestingly the last couple of days i can see a tiny change in my body for the better. could just be my imagination though..

in order to keep on track with my goal, i now need to lost 1.85 pounds each week. guess i better kick this shiz in to high gear!!

until next time..
<3 alaina

ps. something exciting is happening today!!! come back tomorrow to see what it is!

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