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what the heck..?

welcome, friends!

welcome to my new blog! my name is alaina. i am 22, living in my hometown of long beach, california with my boyfriend, randy, and our dog (aka the love of my life), lilly.

so why a blog? at my ripe ol' age of 22, i've been recently re-evaluating the way my life is. although i have been in a committed relationship for 3 years, been through changes with friends (or people i thought were friends), navigating through college for the past 4 years, and dealing with the fact that i am slowly but surely growing up, my life has seemed... boring, lately.

what i hope this blog helps me accomplish is to recognize the different things in my life that are wonderful and also make me branch out and discover new things about myself. and lucky for you, this train is accepting passengers! even if nobody ever reads this blog, i will remain committed to updating regularly and really trying to learn from it in a positive way.

so what will i be doing? it is my intention to update every day (or nearly daily) about 1 thing i will try that day or 1 thing i am appreciative of. also maybe 1 thing that is inspiring to me or 1 thing or person i very much admire. i am too young to get stuck in my ways and let my life be on repeat from one day to the next. hopefully i can inspire and maybe even help people who feel similarly to put themselves out there and explore the world around them. the world can feel like a very lonely place, but, as i am discovering lately, it is filled with people and things that can make anybody feel alive.

 with that said, the 1 thing i will do today is FINISH ALL MY HOMEWORK! it has been a very busy, fun-filled yet stressful and trying weekend, and i haven't had much time to get serious about school work. so today, i will focus and get it DONE! i hope everyone has a wonderful and relaxing sunday, and until next time..

<3 alaina

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