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fashion profile: tim chauran

first of all, happy friday everybody!!!!

i thought i would change it up a little bit and treat you all to fashion-related post today.

among my family and their friends, a phenomenon has started called "what tim's wearing." long story short, my dad has exceptionally good taste in fashion. his wardrobe is always very coordinated and thoughtful yet natural and effortless-looking. one day, my stepmother posted a picture of his outfit on her facebook page. 20 comments and some innocent heckles later, it has turned into somewhat of a phenomenon. then someone had the idea that there should be a blog started that focuses only on my dad's outfit each day (which i still think is a great idea). since this blog has not yet materialized, i thought i would share some of my web space and showcase my father's fabulous fashions.

this picture was taken in 2006 or 2007 during our family trip to France. as you can see, even back in the day, my dad had style; and, dare i say, some modeling skills.

jump to december 2010 at my little brother's 7th birthday party. here you can see tim is sporting a simpler look, but accessorizes with some facial scruff, tinted shades, and a beige hat. the clean white tee almost seems to serve as his 'pop' color.

here are the photos in question that started the appreciation of my dad's style. i stole these images from my stepmom's facebook (although when she sees this, i think she'll approve). as you can see, my dad's pretty hip, to say the least. not only because of his fashion sense, my dad has been a pretty awesome one throughout the years!

the funniest part, though, is that because of his general look and his fashion interests, my dad looks scarily similar to tim nordwind from the band ok go:
love you, dad :)

until next time..
<3 alaina

1 comment:

Tim said...

Thank you sweetie (I think)...I love you, too.