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it's raining somewhere..

hi all -

hope you're having a relaxing sunday! i am currently en-route to my mini-vegas-vacation.

it is supposed to be raining in southern california and even into parts of nevada, including las vegas. like most people i'm sure, i LOVE cuddling under tons of warm blankets and having a movie marathon when it's all wet and dreary outside. here are some of my favorite things to watch on rainy days:

 breakfast at tiffany's is my all-time FAVORITE movie, so i look forward to plugging it in on a day that i don't have much i need to get done. there's even a very romantic in-the-rain-kissing scene, so it's perfect for when the weather's drizzly.
 i was a little late on the mad men train, but boy, do i LOVE this show! it's everything you love about the 1960's - the fashion, the dynamics, the smoking and drinking at the office. and if you have all 4 seasons on dvd, you've got yourself a full day marathon!
 bring it on is just a fun movie to watch when you have nowhere to go. it's funny to see how the perception of high-schoolers has changed since this movie came out eleven years ago. fun fact: the high school in this movie is actually san diego state, where i went for my first 2 years of college.
 garden state is a great movie to watch when the weather is less-than-perfect outside. it's got the perfect amount of symbolism and thought, but not enough to tire you out from thinking and analyzing too much. plus zach braff and natalie portman are so cute together in this movie!
 i know foreign movies aren't for everyone, but amelie is such a fun, innocent, visually-stimulating movie! as if i didn't want to learn how to speak french bad enough before, this movie makes me speak in a french accent for hours after i watch it.
here's a little something for the fellas. this movie is just too hilarious for words, especially if you haven't watched it in a while. randy and i plugged it in after not watching it for about 5 months, and each joke hit me like it was the first time i'd heard it. strummin' da bayyyyse.

tell me some of your favorite rainy day things to watch!

until next time..
<3 alaina

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