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my most favorite hobby..

one of my favorite things to do for fun is take pictures. i have always been told that i have a good eye, but i never really took making anything out of my hobby that seriously. it's not like i'm a professional photographer now, but if i'm on a trip or visiting a new place, i make sure to bring my camera along in case there are some interesting things to capture. plus, i figured out a 'name' for myself (baby a photography), so i figure i'm at least half way there ; )

here are a couple of my favorite pictures from the past year:

going through my iphoto, i realized that i need to get out there more and start snapping away! this year, i am ready to start taking this seriously. hopefully i will get to take some engagement photos for a couple we know that recently got engaged, a trip up to northern california for a san francisco giant's game with my sweetie, and i'm sure many more unforeseen opportunities where i can try and take a couple good pictures.

for those of you who are curious, here is what i'm working with these days:
image from

it's a nikon d3000. personally, i like the look of the nikons better than cannon or some of the other brands. i still have a LOT to learn about how to work it, but i enjoy trying to capture the realist representation of an object while highlighting its beauty. randy got me a zoom lens for christmas, and i'm hoping to get a fish eye someday soon. the only thing i don't have is a name for my baby. yes, i am taking suggestions.

i would love to be able to seriously do something with this one day, and will keep all of you posted about my efforts to develop my 'craft.' hope you enjoyed, and until next time..

<3 alaina

ps, all pictures with watermarks were taken by me. i hate watermarking, but i've seen how people take credit for things unfairly on the internet. if you want to see some more of the stuff i've done, take a trip to my horribly out-dated baby a photography myspace page.

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