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the bucket list

*disclaimer* if you're expecting this to be in regards to that jack nicholson/morgan freeman movie, you should navigate away from this page. sorry!

the other day i was making a list things i would like to do soon (both for this blog and in general), and i thought it would be cool to make a bucket list! but because i'm kind of lazy and i feel like most people's bucket lists overlap anyway, so i just looked one up online.

here is the list i found (it was the first result when i googled "things to do before you die"). i started reading through and it is awfully long - i mean, 50 things! i could be here all day. so i thought i would talk about some of the more interesting ones. anyway, without further babbling:

4. Live like a local for a month.
this one i would looooove to do!! although i don't really know if i would want to go to another country. i think it would be really interesting to live as a new yorker for a month. although i do live in the los angeles area, it is WORLDS apart from new york. i'm sure other people would say go to italy or france or china, but for some reason, new york calls to me.

29. Learn how to make a national dish.
this is kind of funny, because i just thought the other day i wanted to try a couple of new recipes. but instead of something national, i wanted to try cooking with beer. i know it's probably ridiculously easy, but it feels a little taboo, so i think it would be fun!

33. Spend the night in a storied/historic hotel.
i kind of did this one already. when i went to new york for the first time, my dad took me to the chelsea hotel. i was kind of in a pseudo-punk rock phase at the time, so i wanted to visit the landmark that had housed so many musicians, artists, designers, warhol-worshipers... we actually ran into alicia silverstone as she was checking out. clueless is one of my all-time favorite movies, so i was star-struck, to say the least.

48. Bike the Pacific Coast Highway.
umm, that's quite alright. my dad has done it enough times for the both of us. unless i get to ride in one of those things you attach to the back that little kids ride in. i never got to go in one of those. it's one of the biggest regrets of my life.
all the rest of the ones on the list are traveling-related. while i do want to travel, i think there are probably more things i would like to do before i die that can be accomplished without having to pay for flights and hotels and all that.

for those who are interested, here are some items from my own list:
-volunteer at an animal shelter
-go on a photography day trip (which i intend to do soon)
-go to a karaoke bar
-write a short story

until next time..
<3 alaina


Tim said...

Nothing on your list that's not daily do-able...put em on the calendar!

alaina said...

i'm thinking this weekend i will look into the local animal shelters and see about their volunteer program(s).