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blog favorites from 2012

it's hard to believe that this is the last day of 2012!


before i get ready to ring in the new year, i want to take a moment to reflect on this one that is very rapidly coming to an end..

i wrote a post about old friendships and what happened when i tried to revisit some of mine. i'm glad i reconnected, even if just for a moment in time.

finishing my rooster tattoo. even though it turned out i wasn't finished..
*disclaimer: i admit, i finished my tattoo in december 2011, but i didn't share until 2012!

finding out that our godchild was going to be a godson! even though carmella knew it was a boy like 4 days into her pregnancy..

picking our wedding venue and setting a date. nothing will make getting married feel more real than deciding on these two details. wedding planning in general has been so wonderfully stressful and rewarding. thankfully i only have a couple more months left of it..

deciding to scale back on blogging so i could concentrate on wedding planning, spending time with family and friends, and living outside of

the arrival of noah on june 25. watching him grow has been such a blessing for randy and i. not to be biased, but he is one of the cutest babies i have ever known, and i can't wait to see what life has in store for him!

seeing jason mraz with randy. this was such a great date night! randy and i haven't been to a concert that we've both really enjoyed since probably 2007 or 8.

taking a santa barbara trip with my dad and grandparents. i will always cherish this trip to sb! spending time with your family when you're an adult is seriously the best thing ever (if you have a good family, that is).

celebrating a year of being engaged.

randy and i did an 8-week weight-loss challenge and lost (combined) 25 pounds! it's been a couple of week since it ended, but we've been maintaining the lifestyle changes and are continuing to be a healthier couple!

so there you have it, folks - my favorite blog moments from 2012! i hope you all have a wonderful (and very safe) new years celebration, and i'll be seeing you on the other side :)

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