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santa barbara: family style

last weekend, i had the opportunity to go to santa barbara for a quick weekend trip with my dad and my grandparents (his parents) to visit my uncle who is living there.

my grandparents were able to come and visit from oregon. my grandma had been down here for about a week and a half; my parents were traveling to a trade show in kentucky (the abc show, which i miraculously got out of going to this year..), so my grandma was down here taking care of my brother. the best part is that my grandpa got to come down for the last few days of the trip. he hasn't been down to california in i don't know how long, and i haven't seen him in about a year and a half, so needless to say, i was excited.

aden and my stepmom had a cub scout camping trip, so they had their own adventures that weekend. but i have to be honest, it was nice getting to spend some time with my grandparents and also my dad without my brother around; having purely grown-up energy. (here's a photo of him shooting a bb gun at the scout trip:)

we drove up on saturday, and actually got to stop by our wedding venue. my stepmom had seen it a few weeks ago, but it was awesome to be able to show my dad and grandparents. they loved it, which also made me feel better about the wedding in general.

after that quick pit stop (and a starbucks run) we drove the last 45 minutes and arrived in santa barbara. the place my uncle is living in is so cool! it's this mini-complex type thing and it seems to be situated right in the middle of the block, so you would never really guess it was there. it's a studio, so basically a big room with a small kitchen and bathroom attached, but it's just him, so it's pretty perfect. there's even this private garden area that was so pretty.

my grandparents

my uncle lives in unit c, for chauran :)

after we settled in a bit, we picked up some sandwiches, looked at some historic adobes, and then went to eat our lunch at this house that my uncle is staging for sale. they're putting it on the market for over 3 million..

it was super foggy, but if it had been clear, you would be able to see the AMAZING view!

after the house tour, we made our way back into town and walked along state street. we ended our night at a mediterranean restaurant for dinner.

my grandparents and my uncle joel

pretending like she doesn't know what a hookah is

the next day, we went to breakfast at east beach grill, which is pretty much right on the beach. it was a little overcast, but it was nice that the sun wasn't too intense, because we ate outside.
we also visited stearn's wharf and walked around a bit. we had to leave early because we all had stuff to take care of before the end of the weekend, but it was such an amazing weekend! spending time with my family is always precious to me, but being a little older now, i definitely appreciate every minute with them more than i did when i was younger. 


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