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wedding wednesday

the bridal shower: an excuse for ladies to get together and gab all morning/afternoon while sipping on some type of fruity alcoholic drink and tell the bride how fabulous she looks and how amazing her wedding is going to be.

umm, yes please!!!!?!?!

here are some cute shower ideas i've found:

how disgustingly adorable are these mini wedding cake molds??!! we already know anything mini is to die for, but for a bridal shower, these are practically a must-have! you can find yours here on amazon.

while we're talking about things that are small and made of cake, these mini cupcakes are also very sweet. the secret: use ketchup cups. my local in n out better watch their ketchup stations very closely when i'm around..

technically, this game was designed for a baby shower (my bridal shower will not be animal themed..), but i think this would be a hoot for the bridal shower guests to play! we all know us ladies keep tons of (mostly unnecessary) crap in our purse, so why not get points for it?

do i even have to explain why these are amazing?

i lovelovelove this idea! the whole reason for the shower is to celebrate the wedding, so why not let your guests know exactly how many days are left 'til the big event?

this is probably my favorite thing ever. have your guests put their lip print on a large piece of paper and everyone can sign it. a super fun and girly guest book!

yes, yes, & yes!

last, but certainly not least. this is so ridiculous that it's pretty much amazing :)

for more fun things, you can always follow me on pinterest!

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