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how to handle the holiday blues

christmas is going to be very light in the chauran/joe household this year. because we're still saving money for our wedding, randy and i decided to not get christmas gifts for each other. not that i have a problem with the no gifts part (ok, not a big problem..), it's just that being so 'practical' about the holidays is kind of bumming me out. becoming a reasonable adult really takes the magic out of christmas! so, sadly, i have a case of the holiday blues :(

since the economy is also pretty grim right now, i figure a lot of people are feeling the same way i am. or what if you're away at college and can't afford to fly home for the holidays? or if you and your significant other just broke up, and now you're all alone (i told you i'm not my usual ball-of-cheer self right now)?

so i thought, what will make me feel better? and i came up with a few ideas..

on a cold night, get all bundled up and walk around your neighborhood to look at all the christmas decorations. the more lights, the better! all that christmas cheer is bound to rub off on you!

bake some delicious holiday treats. or, if you suck at baking, go buy yourself some delicious holiday treats. the more cinnamon you use, the more your house will smell like a winter wonderland! plus, it's sweater season, so you can hide the pooch you'll get from eating so many holiday cookies.

do some cheap and easy holiday crafts. this is sure to get you in the holiday mood, and you can even give some of your creations as gifts!

put on some christmas music. you'll be singing along in no time!

definitely buy some christmas-themed scented candles. if it doesn't look or feel like christmas to you, it sure will smell like it!

and if you can, go play in the snow! build a snowman, ride down a huge hill on a trash can lid, have a snowball fight. enjoy the weather of the season!

i hope these tips and tricks help if you're having a case of the holiday blues. and even if you don't, you should do this stuff anyway :)

photo sources: mean santa, christmas lights, gingerbread cookies, gingerbread man and hot chocolate, snowflake ornament,  peppermint trees, christmas cds, christmas candles, snowman

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