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hi everyone, and happy tuesday.

things have been a little rough with all the remodeling business these past couple of days. not in regards to the actual remodel, thank god! that's been really smooth. it's just the stress of finding somewhere to be for an entire day and finding somewhere that lilly can be too. luckily, we have really great friends that have been able to accommodate us at a moment's notice. though it's still hard not being in your own place with your own things and all that.

here's what went down at our apartment:

-laminate installed in the entry way, kitchen, dining room, living room, hallway, 2 bedrooms, 2 closets
-tile installed in 2 bathrooms (floor only)
-new baseboards
-removal of the not-so-attractive chair rail and half blue walls in the living room
-new water heater
-new toilets in both bathrooms (the one in our bathroom leaked)

so much has changed that it hardly looks like the same place anymore! i'm so thankful we've been able to get everything done in such a short period of time. it was only 1 week ago that we had our big flood, and we're already on the brink of being able to start piecing our place back together. it's just so much work!!!

the whole thing has taught me some important lessons though -

when randy and i woke up to the flood, i freaked out. i felt like the world was spinning around me (maybe that's because i didn't have my contacts in..) and i couldn't even form complete thoughts. but then, a kind of focus came over me, and randy and i realized we need to get this taken care of like, now! i only got emotional a handful of times, which would have been really unlike me if this had happened a couple of years ago. granted, nothing major got ruined (my laptop is slowly nursing itself back to health), but it's all just stuff. even as it gets moved around by strangers in our apartment, which unsettles me at times, the whole situation has awakened in me a new sense of appreciation and thankfullness for randy and lilly. we have been able to stand strong through this together, and it's helped to bring us closer in a new way.

we're crossing our fingers that tonight we will finally get to spend the night at our own place (we've been at our friend's house since friday) and we will hopefully be able to get things organized enough to share pictures with everyone soon.
anyway. that's all for me. hope you all have a wonderful day!

until next time..
<3 alaina

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