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10 day challenge

time for a new installment of the

8. death. but who isn't, really?
7. not being a grown-up. i save as much money as i can, but i still can't afford to do grown-up things like buy a new car or go on a trip.
6. bugs. i hate bugs! they scare me : (
5. one of my biggest fears is our place being robbed. break-ins are really scary because they just destroy any sense you have of security or safety. thankfully we live in a really secure, gated complex.
4. having $0. i constantly check my bank account and credit card to make sure i have money and that i don't miss a payment.
3. i'm scared i won't be able to have babies. it's kind of an irrational fear, but for some reason i feel like i might be infirtile.
2. looking like a boy. this one is so stupid, but it's true. i don't like to dress down too often because i feel like i don't look girly enough.
1. being annoying. i hate feeling like i'm annoying people. i always try to avoid texting too much or calling too much.

until next time..
<3 alaina

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