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10 day challenge

welcome to the first post of a new series on the daily do:

every thursday for the next 10 weeks i will be sharing some facts about myself with you!
(i saw this on another blog, but i can't remember which one. sorry!!)

so, without further adieu, the first challenge:

let me just say, 10 is a lot of secrets to come up with!

10. i'm left-handed. it's never a secret for long, but people are always surprised when they find it out.

9. i think i'm developing a stutter. like, an adult-onset stutter. it's been a lot harder to get out what i have to say lately.. (if anyone knows anything about stutters, let me know!!)

8. sometimes i think randy and i could have benefited from being single a while longer before we got together. mind you, we have a wonderful relationship, but i know we missed out on the things our single friends get to experience. randy can count the relationships he's been in on less than half of one hand, and i've been with randy since right before i turned 19. it's not good or bad, it's just something i think about sometimes.

7. my dog is my best friend. literally, i could hang out with lilly for days and be content. she never gives me attitude (well, sometimes..) and loves me completely unconditionally. to her, i'm always right, and i'm the prettiest girl in the world. lilly is the best!

6. i hate being alone in public. i can be by myself at home all day long, but if i have to go out and do something, i would much prefer to have someone there with me. i don't even like going grocery shopping by myself.

5. i'm still scared of my parents. it's not a secret to those who know me really well (and probably not a secret to my parents, either), but i get really freaked out when i have to tell them bad news or if i feel like i'm going to disappoint them.

4. i'm a very jealous person. it's one thing i don't really admire about myself, but i am. i get jealous when others get to have things i don't have or get to do things i don't get to do. i judge my happiness against the happiness of others too much. i'm working on it though, promise!

3. i'm controlling. really controlling. i have to be in control of every situation, regardless if i have any actual control over it. my need to be in control often causes me to take too much onto my plate, and then i get overwhelmed and irritable. i sound like a joy don't i?!
; )

2. i kind of don't like the way randy sneezes. he knows i think he sneezes too loud and he can probably tell by the way i get all angry when he sneezes that i don't like it but i've never told him point-blank "i don't like the way you sneeze." i'm one to talk - people say my sneezes sound like a fart coming out of my nose..

1. i care way too much about people. not that being caring is a bad thing, but sometimes i take things too personally, or i feel like if someone's upset that it's my fault. i just have a huge heart, what can i say?

speaking of my heart, check back next thursday to see a list of people and things i love...

until next time..
<3 alaina

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