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vday celebration/23 before 24

i hope you all had a fabulous valentine's day <3

i get quite festive
 even though a lot of people hate 'v-day,' i think it's a nice time to tell people how much you care about them, even if you're not in a romantic relationship.

however, i am in a romantic relationship, and i'm gonna tell you about my valentine's day - so v-day haters, click away while you can!


when i had left for work that morning, i sneakily rigged a giant ass reese's peanut butter heart to be poking out of randy's underwear drawer so that it would shock and surprise him when he got ready. needless to say, it did.

randy came and took me to lunch in the afternoon, which he usually does on his weekday-day off, but it was fun being all giddy about it being valentine's day.

when i got home, he presented me with a whole box full of my favorite kind of chocolate from see's - bordeaux. i hadn't had any in a very long time, so luckily i still like them!

we ended up making dinner together, even though i'd planned on doing it on my own, but things got hectic as it got later and later. we made spaghetti, because that's the first meal randy ever cooked for me. sappy, yes, but it was cute. then i baked a funfetti cake, because when we were dating we made them together a lot. in fact, for our first valentine's day, which wasn't even a month after we became 'official,' we both got each other a box of valentine's day funfetti cake mix. weren't we disgustingly cute?

anyway, the point of me telling you this isn't to make the singles hate valentine's day even more..

remember my 23 before 24 list?

item number 15 reads, "make randy a fancy schmancy dinner for our 4 year anniversary," which was on january 27th.

unfortunately, i didn't get to make randy anything fancy or schmancy because i had lots of work travel both before and after our special day, which totally burned me out. so i'm kind of turning that list item into "make randy a disgustingly sentimental dinner for valentine's day."

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