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wedding wednesday

i'm sososo excited because in about two weeks, randy and i are going to look at possible venues for our wedding!

there's been a lot of talking so far, but not a lot of doing - so i'm excited to cross this very important task off of our list!

here are some of the places we're considering:

the padua hills theatre, claremont, california

this venue is just so unique! a little off the beaten path and definitely filled with character. as you'll see below, most of our focus is on places that are ranch-y or a little farm-y, but i think this place will surprise us. plus i've never known anyone who has gotten married in a 1920s theater before!

rancho las lomas, silverado, california

this place is more of a mission-style ranch. it has a very old california feel to it with beautiful spanish architecture. this is where the woman behind one of my favorite wedding blogs, the loveliest day, tied the knot. and there's a bright red english-style phone booth on site. how can you beat that?!

strawberry farms golf course, irvine, california

this venue is the perfect combination of randy's and my styles - a barn and a golf course all in one place. i can definitely see myself dancing inside of the gorgeous bright red barn during our reception. i do think this place is quite pricey though (we'll soon find out) and it was #1 on my list until i found this next place..

camarillo ranch, camarillo, california

oh. my. gosh. dream venue right here! they have a ranch house. they have a barn. they have a gorgeous lawn. i think it's going to be very hard to convince me to get married any place else after we visit camarillo ranch (i say this with the sincerest hopes that the real-life ranch lives up to my tip-of-the-top expectations..)

please do share if you know of another gorgeous ranch/farm-style location in southern california. we've still got time to adjust our itinerary!

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