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happy birthday/23 before 24

23 glorious years ago, my mother pushed me out of her va-jay and the world instantly became a better place!

haha i'm kidding. but yes, today is my birthday.

and because i have a whole year to go until my next one, i decided to make a 23 before 24 list!

for those of you not familiar: this is a list of 23 things that i want to do/accomplish/see/feel/hear/etc. before i turn 24.

1. decorate our bedroom
2. pick (and book!) a venue + set a date for the wedding
3. pay off my credit card
4. go on a real vacation with randy
5. do something wonderful for my parents to show how much i appreciate them
6. take a day trip to balboa island
7. get an awesome portrait of lilly tattooed (or at least started) <3
8. buy something from - i bought some wedding stuff from etsy!
9. make a new, close friend
10. land my first paid photography gig
11. go to a concert - i haven't been to one in soooo long!!
12. complete a paint-by-numbers
13. re-purpose something found around the house
14. do something different with my hair
15. make randy a fancy-schmancy dinner for our 4 year anniversary (jan 27)
16. plan a solo trip to oregon to spend time with my grandparents
      i didn't make it up to oregon, but i did get to go to santa barbara with my grandparents!
17. volunteer at an animal shelter
18. attend + complete manicure school *not happening before i'm 24
19. go to the winchester mystery house in san jose
20. whip our extra bedroom into shape - i want an office/tiny guestroom
21. take some really nice self-portrait photographs
22. read a book about meditation
23. have >$1000 in my checking account after rent, bills, and savings

i can't wait to cross some items off of my list! and don't worry, i'll take you all along with me ; )

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