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save $100 a week

as a 22-year-old living on her own, you can bet i'm pretty money-conscious. i pay my own rent, own bills, and am going to have to start making payments toward my school loans (kill me know), so i try and cut corners whenever i can.

i came across this article online a couple of weeks ago, and thought there were really great tips on how to save money by changing parts of your lifestyle.

here are some tips that i use or think are really helpful:

buy a water filter
if you refuse to drink tap water like myself,
a water filter is a great way to have delicious water around
without the cost or amount of garbage/recycling buying
bottled water generates.

use a power strip
randy and i live by this tip, if out of nothing more than pure necessity.
we have far too many things we need to plug in, and they greatly
outnumber the amount of outlets in our place.

make shopping & to do lists
i need to be a lot better about this rule, especially when i go to target!

buy generic
in my opinion, refreshe cola tastes just as good as coca cola,
and up&up products from target work just as well as brand-name products.

don't have a land line telephone
land line phones are becoming the new payphones.
i literally probably know one person my age who has a land line
in their place. long live the cellular phone!

bring your lunch to work
i need to be better about this one, too.
if i bought a small lunch every day i was at work, that would
cost me roughly $5 per meal, which would come to $25 each week.
so in a month i'd be spending $100 on only 1/3 of my meals. craziness!!

walk or ride a bike
i need to do this also, since i live under a mile away from
where i work. not only will this save you money, it's obviously
better for then environment than driving.

avoid convenience
no more car washes, no more mani/pedis, no more drive-thru's, and nothing that
has a 'convenience fee' attached to it.

drinking at home before you go out means you'll buy
fewer drinks at the bars, which we all know are marked
up beyond belief. but no drinking & driving!!

cancel your cable
if you can stand it, cancelling cable is a great way to save some extra cash.
cable packages can be really expensive and these days all the good
shows stream on hulu or the network's website anyway.

stay in
not doing anything is a sure-fire way to save $$! no movies, no
dinners out, no nights on the town. it's a boring life, but a rich one..

i'm sure you've all seen those reality tv shows about extreme couponers
who can go on a $600 shopping trip and only pay $1. coupons are free money.
learning exactly how they work can be tricky, but it's worth it. also, signing
up for a store's customer card program (like von's or rite aid) can be a great
way to snag deals easily.

most of these probably seem painfully obvious, but sometimes it's hard to cut back on things just for the fact that you're used to having them.

if you have any other tips on saving money, leave me a comment!

until next time..
<3 alaina

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