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pray for boston


i'm not usually one to get really vocal about world events, but the tragedy that happened in boston yesterday just really breaks my heart. not that aurora or portland or newtown didn't break my heart just as much as boston, but i just feel like this is yet another straw that is continuing to break the camel's back.

i didn't watch footage of the explosions themselves until yesterday evening. randy had left for the gym, and when i went to yahoo the day's event was of course all over the home page. at that point it had been reported that an 8-year-old was one of the two people that had been killed by the explosion. watching the footage of the explosions, hearing the cries of the people, and seeing the cloud of smoke erupt from the building just took my breath away. i feel like no place is safe anymore, and it's the scariest feeling i've ever experienced in my short life. you can't send your children to school without a care; you can't pick something up at the mall or go to the midnight showing of a movie you've been looking forward to all year without giving everyone around you a second look.

i will say that the heroes of this situation (first responders, triage units, strangers helping strangers, etc) have been a bigger focus, in my opinion. what i mean to say is that people are trying to point out the good in humanity sooner than in the tragic events of the past few years. it's probably because there's no suspect to write about, but it's nice to see people keeping faith, that even though there's a few senseless, insensitive, frankly stupid people, there are hundreds of caring, selfless, heroic people.


it's senseless to live life in fear, but the way things have been going lately, it's kind of hard not to keep one eye over your shoulder. i just hope that justice will be served in boston, but that more importantly, we can keep each other safe one day at a time.

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