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wedding wednesday

this year, my birthday was a very special one, because the day after was my bridal shower!

it was at the tin roof bistro in manhattan beach, ca. i had never been there before, but lisa (my stepmom) and carmella (my maid of honor) both had, so i trusted their judgment. i loooved the feel of it - rustic and cozy. my shower was in a private room that was next to the outdoor dining. it felt like we had our own little restaurant! carmella and lisa did the decorating, which was girly and adorable, which is pretty much everything i love!
 it wouldn't be a bridal shower without games! we played a celebrity couples game where we were given clues about a celebrity couple and had to match it up with the right pair. my obsession with all things celebrity news was definitely an advantage for me, but i took myself out of the running for a prize, and my friend jackie ended up winning! then we played "who has the groom?" each person gets an envelope; inside is a picture of a celebrity, but one envelope contained a photo of randy. the person who 'has the groom' wins, and it ended up being my 'aunt' skylar! (i say 'aunt' because she's my stepmom's sister, so technically she's my aunt, but we're only 5 years apart, so we're more like cousins). we had a big joke that we were keeping it in the family ;)
then the moment i had been dreading/preparing for:
right before i opened gifts, carmella sat me down and surprised me - she had sent randy some questions and i had to guess what his answers were! i have to say i got most of them right, and his answers were so sweet and brought back so many memories from when we were first dating! like how the first thing i cooked for him was chicken (which i actually don't remember but totally believe), and the first thing he cooked for me was spaghetti (which i do remember).
here is the only decent photo of me opening gifts. i love how gift photos are always kind of terrible because you're always mid-expression or blurry from all the moving around.
noah was the only boy allowed!
my maid of honor, carmella
my bridesmaids: jackie, carmella, veronica, and skylar
family shot: my 'aunt' skylar, my stepmom lisa, and my 'grandma' pamela
it was such a great afternoon! a big thanks to lisa and carmella for hosting, and everyone that came! i can't believe i'm getting married!!!

1 comment:

Carissa Sawyer said...

Your bridal shower looked beautiful Alaina!! I wish I could have attended, but I can't wait for your wedding!! Carissa