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wedding wednesday

randy and i went cake tasting this past weekend, and it was so much fun!

first, we went to LivLee Bakery in thousand oaks, ca. it's a cute little bakery that's located in a shopping center that actually turned out to be quite nice. there we got to try vanilla, chocolate, champagne, and red velvet cakes along with different fillings and icings to mix and match. both randy and i looooved the champagne cake, and with a fresh strawberry filling it was to die for! we both quickly realized how kick ass cake tasting is.

after our appointment in thousand oaks, we jetted over to ventura to meet with jana of Jana's Creative Cakes. two words: holy. moly.

jana's cake was absolutely to die for! we tried vanilla, lemon, red velvet, and chocolate, and again were given an array of different fillings to try with each flavor. jana makes her cakes with more of a pound cake consistency, so they were plump and moist and dense. we knew after the first taste that this was it - this lady needs to make our wedding cake!

this is the craziest part - i am a total vanilla cake person; i could eat vanilla cake all day long if it wouldn't result in heinous weight gain. but, the two flavors that blew me away were the red velvet (her cream cheese filling was so sugary and delicious and went so well with the actual cake) and the chocolate, believe it or not! never in a million years would i have thought my wedding cake would be red velvet and chocolate. we picked a fresh raspberry filling to go along with the chocolate, and the whole cake will be covered in a white vanilla frosting.

after our appointments were finished, randy and i went to camarillo to hang out for a bit and grab lunch. we found this awesome bar/cantina called el rey, and were so blown away by their food! i had a farmer's market burrito, and all the ingredients inside were purchased from local farmers markets (hence the name). it had veggies inside that i didn't even know what they were, but it was so fresh and delicious. randy got a standard burrito with guacamole, beans, cheese, rice, asada, yadda yadda, and even his was sooo good! the guacamole was incredibly fresh and tasted like they just went out to the back and picked the avocados right off of the tree. the best part is that is was cheap - about $20 for the both of us. the vibe was also completely awesome, sort of a mexicali yet modern aesthetic. totally kick ass.

here are some goofy pictures of randy and i being tourists in old town camarillo. even though saturday was a pretty long day with our appointments and running around, it was so much fun to actually spend time near where we're getting married. i can't believe our wedding is only 5 and a half months away! and now the thing i'm looking the most forward to is eating our damn delicious cake!

by the way, look at how HUGE our godson is! he is only 3 months old! gigantic baby boo!

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