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wedding wednesday

we are about 8 and a half months our from our wedding day!!!!!!W@(U*W(*($*#($*#($*#($*

i keep going back and forth between feeling like time is going by soooo slowly and thinking "oh my god.. it will be here before i know it!"

one of my biggest concerns is looking amazing on my wedding day. now, it's not like i want to lose 100 pounds, but i do want to look what i consider my best, while still looking like 'alaina.'

i've fallen off the bandwagon with my fitness routine lately, but i'm detemined to get back into it - it's all about forming habits, people!

one of the things i tried is this women's health wedding workout dvd, and i love it! it's been pretty perfect for me because while the workouts are significantly easier than any other workout video i've tried (mostly from the biggest loser series), they still make you sweat! the instruction can be a little hokey sometimes, but what can ya do?

*i also purchased a pussycat dolls dance workout dvd, but i haven't tried that yet, so i couldn't tell you about it if i wanted to!

while the dvds are nice because all you have to do is mimic the movements, i do like workout out on my own with my own music and without some strange instructor lady. pinterest is a great place to troll for workouts.

another cool thing i found on pinterest says to do the following right before you get in the shower:
  • 50 jumping jacks
  • 5 push ups
  • 20 crunches
  • 20 mountain climbers
  • 30 second plank
i have taken 3 or 4 showers since i found this pin, and every single time i have forgotten to try this :( boo!

as i mentioned, while i do want to slim down a bit and tone up (hello, not so ready for a strapless at the moment..) i don't intend to drive myself crazy with wedding workouts and diets. one of my favorite bloggers, kat from rock n roll bride, recently published a post about how the 'wedding diet' has taken over the industry. if you're a bride, were a bride, or will one day be a bride, you should definitely give it a read!

have a wonderful wednesday, every one!

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