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wedding wednesday

i've got something fun this week:
what's in my wedding box
what is a wedding box?

my wedding box is where i store all the wedding crap i have. after randy and i got engaged, i bought planning books and binders and magazines and practically anything that had the word "wedding" on it. i needed some place to store all of my planning materials so that they weren't all over the apartment, so i got a "wedding box."

ready to see what's in my box? (dirty..)

first is my coveted wedding binder. yes, it's pink, because that's just who i am! i keep all important paperwork in here such as our budget outline, vendor contracts and contacts, the guest list and preliminary seating charts. i also have extra loose-leaf paper for any notes i need to take, and a little pad for easily jotting down things when the binder is too big to carry. what can i say, i'm just an organized person by nature, so this isn't that crazy for me.

i got this engaged girl's wedding planner really cheap from some website i think. it's just a little calendar with stickers you can use. to be honest, i mostly just use my phone and some printed monthly calendars for wedding-related events, but i did jot some notes about things i need to accomplish each month. i might phase this planner out of the box, though.

wedding books. the one on the right, the wedding book by mindy weiss is honestly the best wedding planning book i've ever seen! it's so helpful to reference when i think to myself at night "i wonder when i need to order my invitations" or "what is the etiquette on ceremony seating?" honestly it has answers to the most random wedding questions you wouldn't even think to ask about. it's a huge book and it's fairly cheap on amazon usually. i do have other books because it's good not to limit yourself to one source of literature.

pens of all sorts; pencil, eraser, highlighter, sharpie. i forgot to take a picture of my white-out pen, which has been my savior on more than one occasion!

amounts blurred to protect the innocent..
this is probably the most important thing in the wedding box second to the binder. this is what we call "the envelope." if you read carmella's wedding wednesday, you'll see that one of the things she did to plan for her wedding was to put cash into specified envelops for balances due to vendors for the wedding. this really resonated with randy and i, so we decided to start one for ourselves. i got this cheapy filo-fax type thing in the target dollar bin and it comes with these nifty little labels. whenever randy gets a cash bonus from work, he slips it into one of the little slots, and we are slowly (but surely!) saving for our wedding!

i hope you enjoyed the tour of my wedding box. how do you store and organize your wedding planning materials??

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